Christian “Apostle”: We Must “Literally Release the Aroma of Christ” When Voting November 3, 2020

Christian “Apostle”: We Must “Literally Release the Aroma of Christ” When Voting

It’s not weird that a group of Christians held a “Virtual Prayer Meeting” last night, just before Election Day. But it’s definitely weird that Texas-based “Apostle” Thomas Schlueter said Christians would literally — he said “literally”! — be covered in the “aroma of Christ” in the polling booth, and that the scent would be picked up by other voters, which would lead them to vote for “righteousness”… i.e. Donald Trump.

We are the ones, dear Lord, that you have called in this hour to literally release the aroma of Christ Jesus into our state and into our nation. And I am praying, dear Lord, that as your people walk into the polling locations tomorrow, that they will indeed have the aroma of Christ on them. And it will literally cause a scent, a smell, to rise up in these locations, that will cause the people to say, “What have I been duped with? I will turn my eyes now back to the Lord, and we will vote righteousness. We will vote life. We will vote truth.”

Lord, wake up your ekklesia. Let the aroma that only You can release through us be released so that life — life! — as was declared earlier, we choose life and not death, we choose blessing and not curse — let the aroma of Christ go out across our state and our nation, into every polling location, and let the Awakening and the Reformation begin.

Listen: If you have a stench when walking into a polling place, please go home and shower, then return to cast your vote. Or don’t if this is the way your mind works.

We should all have concerns about anyone who’s still undecided about the two candidates at this point, to the point that someone’s mind could be changed mid-vote, just as it’s concerning how Christians would look at a rising pandemic death toll yet re-elect the person and the party who don’t give a damn about it — all while pretending to “choose life.”

As wise people have said before, these kinds of Christians believe life begins at conception and ends in the birth canal. They don’t care about suffering caused by Republican policies because they’re brainwashed into thinking they’re saving fetuses.

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