Atheist Kelda Roys Wins Wisconsin State Senate Seat November 3, 2020

Atheist Kelda Roys Wins Wisconsin State Senate Seat

This article is a repost from a couple of months ago with minor edits.

For four years, from 2009-2013, Kelda Roys was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, serving in a variety of leadership roles. She only left that otherwise-safe seat to run for Congress, in 2012, but lost her primary to the eventual winner (and current member of the Congressional Freethought Caucus) Mark Pocan.

Roys took a short break from politics after that and started her own business, but she returned to politics in 2018 to run for governor and unseat Republican Scott Walker.

She even made national headlines for a viral campaign ad in which she breastfed her baby daughter while talking about policy.

In the Democratic primary, however, she took third place to Tony Evers (who eventually became governor in a very close race).

Did she stop there? Hell no. State Senator Fred Risser — who had served in the legislature for an astonishing 64 years — recently announced his retirement from his reliably blue district. So Roys decided to run for it.

In August, in a seven-person Democratic primary for State Senate District 26 — which includes part of Madison — Roys ran away with the victory. Not only did she win the race, but because of her predecessor’s dominance, there wasn’t even a Republican opponent in the general election. Her victory tonight was a formality.

Oh, and by the way, she’s also an atheist.

According to the Freethought Equality Fund PAC, which endorsed her candidacy, she’s fully embracing her liberal ideals.

Kelda Roys is running for the Wisconsin State Senate in District 26. Roys is a former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, and board member of the ACLU of Wisconsin. She is a strong supporter of church-state separation. She says, “My experience as an atheist, an attorney, and a staunch ACLU supporter means I respect religion’s role in private life, but reject its role in public policy or government. Religious views should not make law.” Her other policy priorities include healthcare for all, paid leave, student debt relief, fair wages, quality public education, racial and gender equality, and combating climate change. Roys is an atheist and secular humanist.

Some politicians try to be subtle about their liberal leanings. Roys is shouting them from the rooftops and It. Is. Glorious.

When she won her primary, Roys even thanked her supporters in a video that (of course) featured her youngest daughter crawling around as little kids do. Just adorable.

Remember: This is a state that is heavily gerrymandered, so the legislature is controlled by Republicans.

Any dent she can make into their majority, especially in the State Assembly, is incredibly important.

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