David Barton: The Bible Forbids Adultery, So We Can’t Support LGBTQ Rights November 2, 2020

David Barton: The Bible Forbids Adultery, So We Can’t Support LGBTQ Rights

I fully expect Christian pseudo-historian David Barton to support Donald Trump — lying birds of a feather and all — but trying to justify that vote as the Christian thing to do has become increasingly hard as everything Trump does violates everything white evangelicals love to pretend they are. The hypocrisy will follow them for decades to come.

That was apparent last week during a sermon when Barton claimed Christians have an obligation to vote against LGBTQ rights — implying (but not explicitly saying) they should vote for Trump — because the Bible says “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

By the way, the Ten Commandments also says “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” And what does that mean? God says, “I want sexuality confined to a man and a woman inside marriage. Anything outside of that is wrong, whether it’s homosexuality, whether it’s sex before marriage, whether it’s adultery sex outside of marriage, sex belongs right there.” Well, that’s LBGTQ issues right there. So God’s taken a position on that in the Ten Commandments! I’m gonna have to take the position that God takes on on that. I don’t care what my beliefs are; I need to care what God’s beliefs are.

Never mind that straight people commit adultery, and that Trump himself commits adultery and brags about assault and has been hit with a serious rape allegation, and that gay married couples in monogamous relationships apparently don’t exist in Barton’s Christian bubble.

Never mind that Trump has broken just about every commandment:

If adultery is forbidden, Barton says, we must consider voting for a guy who commits adultery in order to stop gay people from getting married and not committing adultery.

If that makes sense to you, congratulations, you’re part of Barton’s target audience. To everyone else, please help save the country from people like this. Tomorrow’s your last chance.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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