Podcast Ep. 346: Why Does Jerry Falwell, Jr. Want His Old Reputation Back? October 31, 2020

Podcast Ep. 346: Why Does Jerry Falwell, Jr. Want His Old Reputation Back?

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Husbands, do you know how your wives are voting? WHY NOT?! (0:35)

— A conservative Christian candidate for the U.S. House from North Carolina is getting pushback from… conservative Christians. (10:33)

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is suing Liberty University for ruining a reputation he never had. (22:24)

— A right-wing Christian group made a pro-Electoral College propaganda video for children. (26:16)

— The babysitter in Borat 2, who was duped into participating in the film, says she had been praying for Borat’s “daughter” for a year. (32:00)

— Christian Nationalism is coming to a church near you. (37:55)

— A Republican Christian candidate for the WV State House has a restraining order against him for stalking and harassing women. (40:40)

— Apparently, every aborted fetus is a Donald Trump voter in waiting. (45:19)

— Poland has effectively banned legal abortions and women are protesting. (49:35)

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