Michigan Church That Doesn’t Require Masks Linked to 58 COVID Cases October 30, 2020

Michigan Church That Doesn’t Require Masks Linked to 58 COVID Cases

Another church. Another group of people who can’t be bothered to take basic health precautions in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Another preventable outbreak.

This time, it’s at Liberty Church in Grand Ledge, Michigan, a Pentecostal church, where 58 people have tested positive for the virus. Everything appears to stem from a single service that occurred earlier this month:

Of those cases, five people in total were hospitalized, and four of them remained in the hospital Thursday. None of those hospitalized were being treated in the Intensive Care Unit, according to local health officials.

Barna said the church does recommend members wear masks, but they do not require it. The church has sent a notice to its congregation and will remain closed until further notice.

Making matters worse, local government officials say that many of those church members won’t speak with them, which makes it all but impossible to do meaningful contact tracing. The virus will spread even further because these Christians are too ignorant or too selfish to admit their complicity in spreading COVID.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Renee for the link)

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