Anti-Abortion WV House Candidate Has Restraining Order For Stalking Women October 30, 2020

Anti-Abortion WV House Candidate Has Restraining Order For Stalking Women

Earlier this year, a conservative activist named Derrick Evans ran in the GOP primary for a seat in West Virginia’s House of Delegates. Perhaps to show off his right-wing bona fides before that election, he posted a rant on Facebook about the book It’s Perfectly Normal, designed to introduce children to topics involving sex. He whined about how the book featured illustrations of sex, masturbation, and a man putting on a condom. He also complained that the book wasn’t anti-gay enough.

Evans ended up advancing in that primary and he’s one of four candidates on the ballot next week. (Two will earn seats in the State House.)

Boosting his candidacy, he recently received an endorsement from the West Virginia Troopers Association.

But in the most predictable political scandal imaginable, it seems that Evans has a restraining order against him because he was caught harassing women… but local law enforcement officials were unaware of that when they supported his candidacy.

[Evans] was found by a Kanawha County magistrate last year to have engaged in “stalking” and made “repeated credible threats of bodily injury” to a woman who worked at the Women’s Health Center in Charleston, W.Va. It is the state’s only facility to offer abortion services. Nine days after he was served, Evans violated that restraining order leading to an extension that does not expire until Dec. 31, 2020.

Court documents, provided by [one victim’s] attorney, show [County Magistrate Joseph L.] Shelton granted the order, saying Evans made “credible threats” and “engaged in stalking” as defined by the West Virginia State Code. Evans was ordered by the courts to stay away from [the victim], including her place of work. But, nine days after being served, Evans showed back up at the Women’s Health Center. When Charleston Police officers responded to a call that Evans was violating a restraining order by being at the center, he gave them false information about the court order.

The guy is an all-around creep. It’s possible he’ll win an election despite being under a restraining order because he couldn’t stop stalking women.

Welcome to the modern Republican Party.

The West Virginia Troopers Association says they’ll discuss the endorsement at their next meeting — whenever that is — and consider rescinding it. But it may be too late by then. The point is still clear, though: Evans is a monster, and the WVTA has shitty judgment. No surprise on either count.

(Screenshot via Facebook. Thanks to Johnny for the link)

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