Anti-Abortion Activist Laughably Claims Trump “Cares for the Most Vulnerable” October 30, 2020

Anti-Abortion Activist Laughably Claims Trump “Cares for the Most Vulnerable”

Christian preacher and author John Piper wrote last week that he would not be voting for Donald Trump because Trump was too toxic for the country. Joe Biden wouldn’t get his vote either, though, because Biden is pro-choice. Still, the headlines were all about how a conservative Christian preacher was urging people not to support Trump.

Enter anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson (below), who says in a response to Piper, published in the Christian Post, that Biden is clearly the worse of two evils because he’s complicit in “killing… our most vulnerable human beings.” (That’s not accurate.)

Democrats keep touting the false line that under democratic presidencies, abortions are less because of democratic policies. This has zero to do with democratic policies and everything to do with state legislatures. During Obama’s presidency, the state of Texas passed a record-breaking number of pro-life legislation, decreasing abortion numbers across the state by 30 percent. Texas wasn’t the only one. Many states replicated these pro-life legislative efforts during his eight years in office, significantly decreasing abortion rates across the country.

That’s… not the whole truth. Johnson doesn’t link to any resources about this “pro-life legislation,” but she gleefully ignores any mention of affordable healthcare, access to contraception, investment in early childhood educating, paid maternity leave, and subsidized childcare, many of which are pursued under Democratic administrations and blocked by Republican ones. Her claim is also suspect because Texas has one of the highest mortality rates for pregnant women in the country.

Needless to say, those “pro-life” legislative efforts make it more likely women will cross state lines to obtain the procedure or resort to dangerous “back alley” options.

When people ask me about how I vote, I am not ashamed to tell them that I am a proud single issue voter. I vote on abortion. How someone cares for the most vulnerable among us tells me everything I need to know about every other issue.

Donald Trump does not give two shits about the vulnerable.

Let me say it again for those in the back: DONALD TRUMP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE VULNERABLE.

It makes no sense to call yourself “pro-life” and support a president who openly ignores how his inaction directly led to the deaths of many of the 225,000+ COVID victims. You can’t be “pro-life” when your concern for life expires immediately after someone’s birth.

To me, there is nothing else as important as abortion. Nothing is as destructive. Nothing is as deadly. Nothing impacts us more. It impacts our economy, our social security, the morality of our society, our birth rate, and our overall humanity. If we are willing to violently kill the most innocent and vulnerable among us, why wouldn’t we be willing to abuse and harm others? If we are willing to dehumanize the most marginalized in our society, what makes us think that dehumanization wouldn’t spread to other marginalized groups? The elderly, ethnic minorities, the immigrant, the homeless? What we do to the least of these, we will do to all.

So much to unpack here…

Nothing is as destructive as abortion? How about refugee kids in cages? Families torn apart, perhaps never to be reunited? A pandemic that continues to ravage the country? It’s ludicrous that Johnson throws in the elderly and ethnic minorities at the end when Trump and the GOP have been excessively cruel to both.

Furthermore, what kind of quality of life will these babies have once they’re born? Fetuses don’t stay fetuses forever. Eventually, they will need to be fed, housed, educated, and treated when sick. They will also require clean air and water. Why is it considered more noble to prioritize the unborn over those whose lives are most at risk under Republican rule? I thought this was the “All Lives Matter” crowd. Isn’t it worth looking at political candidates who care about immigration, poverty, and environment as part of the pro-life platform?

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