Scamvangelist: God Gives Christians “Holy Spirit Immunity” from COVID October 28, 2020

Scamvangelist: God Gives Christians “Holy Spirit Immunity” from COVID

For much of this year, televangelist Kenneth Copeland has been telling viewers that the COVID crisis was over all because God — acting through Copeland — defeated it.

It started way back in early March when he asked viewers to touch their TV screens against his oily hand in order to prevent the virus.

He also said Christian prayers overwhelmed the virus, declared COVID-19 to be dead (“It! Is! Finished!”), spit on the virus, declared the pandemic “OVER!,” put up a spiritual “shield” to block the virus… and all of that just takes us through June.

It’s not like he’s going to admit he’s wrong anytime soon. Instead, he’s doubling down on his lies.

I was noticing today, President Trump, his beautiful First Lady, without masks. They are immune! They are immune. And this display of our president giving God thanks… for helping him in that time, and he walked out immune, somehow, glory to God, woo! Thank you, Jesus!…

Hey, we’re immune! We’re going through this thing with a Holy Spirit immunity from the works of the Devil!

All of that is a lie. We know that Donald Trump caught the virus, received special treatment, and claims to be better… but obviously that’s not the same as having immunity to COVID. We have no idea what his health status is.

But even if he’s better, there’s no supernatural immunity from a natural virus. Being Christian doesn’t save you from the consequences of stupid risks. A white evangelical Christian who goes to a super-spreader Trump rally or Sean Feucht concert isn’t going to avoid catching the virus just because he’s devout. That’s not how biology works. The 225,000+ Americans who have died from COVID so far include plenty of sincere believers.

Copeland doesn’t care about that any more than Trump does. Copeland is wealthy. He’ll have access to the best health care available if he ever gets sick from the virus. His followers, not so much.

The negligence he’s preaching won’t just affect his gullible followers. If Christians decide they’re immune from the virus, even though they’re not, they may catch it and spread it. Rather than telling his believers to do what they must to stay healthy, Copeland is lying to them in the midst of a pandemic. We are all suffering because of Christians like him.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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