Scott Lively: Obama’s Rally Was as Humiliating as When He “Lost His Boyfriends” October 27, 2020

Scott Lively: Obama’s Rally Was as Humiliating as When He “Lost His Boyfriends”

Here’s a reminder that Christian bigots can’t stop bigoting.

Anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively — the man who inspired Uganda’s infamous “Kill the Gays” bill — said this week that President Obama must have been humiliated to deliver a speech to a smaller handful of voters at a drive-in rally over the weekend (as opposed to the kind of larger in-person COVID super-spreader events that Donald Trump is holding).

How “humiliated” was he?

Wherever it was that he went, it was, like, 70 people showed up or something or less!… For a narcissist, I mean, imagine!… This is like… For a narcissist like Obama?… That must be like the toughest thing he’s faced since he lost his boyfriends… back in Chicago.

That’s an Obama-is-gay joke. I’m not sure how or why it’s funny. But apparently right-wing Christians find it hilarious. (These are the same people who think Rush Limbaugh is the height of comedy.)

Right Wing Watch adds some context: “… it’s a common belief among right-wing conspiracy theorists that Obama is secretly gay and Michelle Obama is actually a man.”

It still doesn’t make sense. But neither does Lively’s usual bigotry.

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