The Christian Broadcasting Network is Worried That Witches Cast a Spell on Trump October 26, 2020

The Christian Broadcasting Network is Worried That Witches Cast a Spell on Trump

This past weekend, thousands of witches apparently plotted together to cast some kind of “binding” spell on Donald Trump, according to Steve Warren of CBN News.

Why anyone was worried about this, I don’t know. But this is something that’s been happening for years now with no discernible effect.

And yet the Christian Broadcasting Network was deeply concerned, treating it as yet another obstacle for Trump to overcome.

As if battling House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against him wasn’t enough, President Donald Trump will next have to face a “binding spell” cast by “thousands” of witches late Friday night.

As Halloween approaches at the end of the month, several media outlets are reporting witches who oppose President Trump are planning to cast a “binding spell” on his administration. Such reports of witchcraft being used against the President are nothing new. Witches have been trying to cast spells against Trump since his inauguration in 2017.

Scheduled for Oct. 25 at 11:59 pm, these self-proclaimed “witches” are planning to conduct a ritual which is meant to “bind,” but not harm the President unlike a “curse” or a “hex.” These witches believe they are doing something positive for the entire country by not allowing President Trump to cause harm to the US by his actions.

Well, it didn’t work. He’s still spreading COVID wherever he goes, and that’s not even getting into his policies or the Supreme Court.

Considering all the damage Trump has wrought in just four years, either these witches are very bad at casting spells or Trump is destructive on his own and voting is the only way we can change that. Maybe both. Another year at Hogwarts won’t change the power of magical spells. So fill out your ballot before next week.

For what it’s worth, Wiccan morality says witches should do no harm. So even if the binding spells worked, they would be preventing Trump from doing more damage. They would be protecting us, not hurting him.

So why is Warren so worried?

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