GOP Lawmaker: My Wife’s “Gift of Premonition” Shows That Freedom Is Dying October 24, 2020

GOP Lawmaker: My Wife’s “Gift of Premonition” Shows That Freedom Is Dying

I thought I was done hearing the name of Rep. Clay Higgins, a Republican congressman from Louisiana, after he said on Facebook in 2017 that every Muslim suspected of being radicalized should be executed because the world needed to be saved for “all of Christendom.”

I swore he was done making news after he become one of only five House members to reject a resolution committing to a peaceful transfer of power after the election.

Turns out he’s still batshit crazy.

Yesterday, Higgins tweeted about how we were losing our freedoms. His evidence? Well, his wife had a dream… and that’s it.

A Republican’s wife had a bad dream, therefore Higgins says democracy is dying. He says this while the leader of his party does everything in his power to subvert democracy, all while Higgins does absolutely nothing.

It’s like Republicans defending fetuses. They’re all self-proclaimed heroes in the realm of things that don’t exist. When they have the opportunity to actually do something meaningful, they’re nowhere to be found.

By the way, this guy — who believes his wife has supernatural powers and thinks agents coming for his Cheetos and water is the worst thing that could happen — sits on the Homeland Security Committee. (Don’t you feel safer already?)

At least some of the responses were gold:

Higgins happens to be in a safe Republican seat. But his tweet is a reminder that unless rational people run for office, and unless people vote for them, there will always be deranged people in Congress with far more power than they deserve.

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