Idaho Cops Arrest Maskless Christians Who Say God Wants You to See Their Faces October 22, 2020

Idaho Cops Arrest Maskless Christians Who Say God Wants You to See Their Faces

The wildly misnamed group “Health Freedom Idaho” — which opposes protecting everyone’s health — showed up without masks Tuesday night at the Central District Board in Boise, Idaho… and it went exactly as you’d expect.

They shouted out a bunch of lies and then pretended to be victims when they were escorted off the premises.

And, of course, Jesus made an appearance.

“We shouldn’t have to live our life with masks on our face,” [Miste Karlfeldt, the executive director of Health Freedom Idaho] said. “It’s really terrible for everyone to wear a mask, okay, so let’s just go there.”

She continued by saying there needs to be more than just medical or physical exemptions to wearing masks.

“Our face is the glory of the lord, we are made in his image,” she said. “We cannot just be relegated to a medical exemption and not be talking about our religious exemption.”

No one likes to wear masks. We do it because, right now, it’s the best way to prevent the spread of the virus.

What’s really sad is that we’ve heard this excuse before. Christian nutcases in Florida said the same thing earlier this summer, and Ohio State Rep. Nino Vitale made the argument that we shouldn’t wear masks because that’s not what God wants.

Christian delusions are making the pandemic worse.

At least in the case of Karlfeldt, she and her group members were told to leave the meeting because they wouldn’t wear masks. A couple of people entered anyway — and they were arrested for “misdemeanor trespassing.” Good. If they want to hurt other people, they deserve to be punished for it.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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