U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chair Urges Christians to “Rise Up” and Vote October 21, 2020

U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chair Urges Christians to “Rise Up” and Vote

This is just disturbing.

You would think an independent, bipartisan group that helps inform people about voting, pays states to help them meet voting requirements, and puts a stamp of approval on voting equipment would be fairly busy right now making sure everything is going smoothly.

That group is called the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, and its head is Christy McCormick, who was appointed to the role by President Obama.

Yesterday, though, McCormick appeared on a YouTube program for the Christian Right group “Intercessors for America” — a group known for spreading lies — and urged viewers to vote for Donald Trump because Christians who vote have the power to “decide just about every election in this country.”

Kyle Mantyla at Right Wing Watch explains why this went beyond a standard voting is important pitch:

“The most important thing is to pray,” McCormick said. “The second most thing is to make sure you vote. … The third thing is to get your co-workers, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your church members, get them to vote. One of the things that we’ve seen over the years is that Christians don’t vote. Millions and millions, tens of millions of Christians do not vote. And if we did vote, if we did rise up and then voted, we can decide just about every election in this country.

Later in the broadcast, McCormick went through a list of “prayer points” for the upcoming election, including that women will not be put off by a candidate’s “integrity issues” — which is the standard way in which Trump’s Christian supporters justify overlooking his various personal failings — and will vote as “the Lord would want us to.”

That is not just a government official appearing on a Christian media outlet and urging people to vote. That is a government official promoting Christian Nationalism and strongly implying people should vote for a particular candidate.

In case she wasn’t blunt enough, McCormick later told viewers they’re “voting for life,” and “voting for Israel,” and “voting for marriage,” and the “nuclear family,” and “speaking the name of Jesus publicly without being silenced.”

She also asked Christians to pray for the “lawyers who are going to end up challenging the results of this election.” So that’s ominous…

If another government official promoted a Democrat this way — not in a personal capacity, but as a professional — it would be considered a consequence of “Deep State” infiltration. But because she was promoting Trump and speaking to a Christian audience, it barely caught anyone’s attention.

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