James Randi, Legendary Magician and Skeptic, Has Died at Age 92 October 21, 2020

James Randi, Legendary Magician and Skeptic, Has Died at Age 92

James Randi — “The Amazing Randi” — died yesterday at age 92.

A picture from The Amazing Meeting 8 in 2010.

The James Randi Educational Foundation announced his death in a brief post today, saying simply, “We are very sad to say that James Randi passed away yesterday, due to age-related causes. He had an Amazing life. We will miss him.”

Randi’s partner José Alvarez, whom he married in 2013, posted this on Instagram:

Magician Penn Jillette added:

I’ll post more later. For now, I just needed to get this up. We knew this day would come soon but it doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking. There’s no one in the broader skeptical “movement” that had as much influence as Randi did on generations of debunkers, illusionists, and just plain critical thinkers.

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