Glenn Beck: “I’m Always Wrong with Timing,” but the End Times Are Near October 20, 2020

Glenn Beck: “I’m Always Wrong with Timing,” but the End Times Are Near

Conservative conspiracy theorist and liar Glenn Beck, who recently blamed President Obama for Mitch McConnell‘s hijacking of the judicial confirmation process, was spreading more fear yesterday morning.

Beck claimed that the End Times were near, as evidenced by all the bad things happening around us… and his non-stop desire to say absolutely anything, at anytime, no matter how absurd it is.

I’m always wrong with timing. But everybody knows this one is coming. But I… believe, in my lifetime, and… I think within the next 15 years, I think these are the beginnings of the days that have been foretold. I believe that we could see the days of tribulation in the next five years. I obviously don’t know. People have been planning or… have been looking forward to these days for 3,000 years. But evil is washing over the world right now.

With no sense of self-awareness, Beck later told his listeners, “The Left is serious. There are people that want you to be afraid and will control you.”

He said that… then discussed how we’d see societal collapse reminiscent of the “Walking Dead without the zombies.”

Maybe you’re wondering: What’s in it for him?

Beck answered that question fairly quickly:

He went on to promote the survivalist camp “Fortitude Ranch,” which announced they’re opening “their facilities for a collapse disaster.” The “ranch” offers a membership for $1,000 annually where people can flee to in the event of society’s collapse or rapture. They have 12 locations in the United States, all with “an easy day’s drive.”

It’s not clear how much of a kickback, if any, Beck gets from anyone who signs up.

He said all this, by the way, while supporting the current administration that has thrived on its own corruption while other Republicans just sit back and do nothing because they’re too cowardly to withhold their votes.

If we’re going through a societal collapse of any sort, blame Beck’s preferred party and the commentators who, like him, continue to spread propaganda no matter how much chaos it creates.

Let’s hope there’s a clear repudiation of their tactics and governance two weeks from now.

(via Raw Story)

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