Donald Trump Attended a Las Vegas Church on Sunday That Ended Up Worshiping Him October 19, 2020

Donald Trump Attended a Las Vegas Church on Sunday That Ended Up Worshiping Him

Donald Trump attended church Sunday morning at the International Church of Las Vegas, complete with an extravagant display of worship music and twirled American flags, in case there was any doubt about the Christian Nationalism bent of this administration.

More concerning than Pastors Marc and Denise Goulet blessing Trump and telling him they had a sign from God that he would be re-elected — as if church, too, is a MAGA rally — was what we didn’t see.

Jack Jenkins of Religion News Service was quick to note the lack of masks.

No masks. No social distancing. Risk follows Trump everywhere he goes, making him toxic and dangerous to Americans in more ways than one.

In addition to the complete lack of caution, the pastors read a litany of praise for Trump that made you wonder who the real object of worship was during that service.

By Christian standards, this is a gross display of idolatry. For everyone else, it’s a reminder that Trump sees church as a campaign strategy and nothing more.

Joe Biden also attended church Sunday morning. The service wasn’t about him. It didn’t get anywhere near the same level of courage as the Trump rally that took place inside a church.

Guess which one white evangelicals praised more?

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