This Book Shows Every Word in the King James Bible, Arranged Alphabetically October 17, 2020

This Book Shows Every Word in the King James Bible, Arranged Alphabetically

Joseph Ernst and Jan van Bruggen, designers at Sideline Collective, just released a special edition of the Bible which takes every single word in the King James Bible… and organizes them alphabetically.

That’s it. That’s the book. It’s officially called Bible The.

You can be the judge of whether the revelations are fascinating or useless.

… Data suggests that The Bible skews towards a positive bias. For example, ‘Good’ is used 720 times, ‘bad’ only 18. ‘Love’ is used 308 times and ‘hate’ 87 times. And ‘happy’ less so, at 28 times, but still over twice as much as the 11 uses of ‘sad’.

Unsurprisingly, there is no ‘sex’ or ‘intercourse’ in The Bible, but there are 17 ‘concubines’, 9 ‘adulterers’, 8 ‘harlots’, 4 ‘sodomites’, 3 instances of ‘copulation’, 3 instances of ‘conception”, 2 ‘whores’, and 1 ‘prostitute’.

Socio-economically, there are twice as many ‘givers’ as ‘takers’ — 93 ‘poor’ and 81 ‘rich’, 77 ‘rulers’, 237 ‘prophets’, ‘30 nobles’, 480 ‘servants’, 400 ‘priests’, 30 ‘soldiers’, 17 ‘publicans’, 27 ‘workers’, 5 ‘lawyers’, 9 carpenters, 1 ‘fishermen’, 6 ‘lepers’, 3 ‘beggar’s, and 1 ‘slave’.

It is important to acknowledge that most people believe The Bible was written by men, almost 2000 years ago. Although their biases are most likely unconscious and cultural, their words speak for themselves. So does the data. And the data does not lie.

It’s certainly an interesting way of looking at the Bible, though any critic could point out it’s the context, not the frequency, of those words that matters. The absence of a word doesn’t necessarily mean anything, just like the heavy use of the word “love” tells you very little about how Christians act in reality.

A leather-bound copy of the book signed by the artists is selling for £2,000, but e-books are going for £10.

(via Designboom. Thanks to @IwearCrocsAlot for the link)

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