An Iowa Church Burned Down Because Someone Was Trying to Smoke Out a Rat October 14, 2020

An Iowa Church Burned Down Because Someone Was Trying to Smoke Out a Rat

Taking a cue, apparently, from the gender reveal that led to a forest fire that engulfed California, a church in Iowa burned down Monday afternoon because someone was trying to smoke out a rat.

(No one was injured.)

The fire was caused by an attempt to fumigate a rodent that had gotten into the building.

According to [volunteer firefighter Pat] Cornwall, a smoke bomb type device that acts as a flare was used outside of the building in attempts to draw the animal out. The smoke is toxic to the animal.

Because there were no fire hydrants nearby, it took a while before firefighters could get the water needed to put the flames out, a process that took several hours. The 150-year-old church is no longer habitable.

But again, no one was hurt. No word yet on whether the rodent got away.

If you look through those photos above, you can see a rainbow appear behind the charred remains of the church. I’m not one to call that symbolism. But no doubt there are churchgoers who might find some sort of hope in that.

(Thanks to Joe for the link)

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