Right-Wing Pastor: Christians Who Criticize the President Are Angering God October 13, 2020

Right-Wing Pastor: Christians Who Criticize the President Are Angering God

Pastor Robert Henderson, who said in 2019 that Donald Trump‘s re-election was already secured in “the courts of heaven” and who recently took credit for healing a kid’s pelvis by laying his hands on him, believes you should never criticize Trump because he was chosen by God.

“I promise you there is a curse on our nation, not because the secular world speaks against President Trump, but because the Christian world does,” Henderson said. “We are violating the laws of God, and we are violating the ways of God by rising up and speaking evil against President Trump. People may not like his mannerisms, they may not like the way he does things, they may question his motives, but here’s the reality: He sits in the seat of the president of the United States of America, and because of that, he should never be reviled, he should never be spoken evil of, he should never be criticized.

It’s very weird to hear that from a guy who proudly declared that his prayers were responsible for killing Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

That said, if Trump loses next month, bookmark this video. Henderson is announcing that he won’t criticize a Democrat in the Oval Office. A victory in November could mean he shuts up for the next several years. We didn’t need another reason to vote for Biden, but this is a pretty good incentive.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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