Kenneth Copeland: “Lazy Christians” Are Why Michele Bachmann Isn’t President October 13, 2020

Kenneth Copeland: “Lazy Christians” Are Why Michele Bachmann Isn’t President

During a bizarre exchange on his show, televangelist Kenneth Copeland praised former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann by saying that she should’ve been president in 2012. (That year, Mitt Romney was soundly defeated by President Barack Obama.)

That’s not just his opinion, though. Copeland said God wanted her to be president.

Here’s Copeland speaking to his audience:

… I saw her on her bus being interviewed, and she was talking about some things, and she looked up at the camera — I visibly saw the anointing of God take over. I literally shouted when I saw that on television. I knew right then that God had chosen her to be president of the United States that year. And if it hadn’t been for lazy Christians, she would have been.

So I want to tell you, Madam President, that anointing was there, and I’m not so sure it still isn’t.

Copeland is blaming “lazy Christians,” but he really should be blaming literally everyone in the Republican Party since Bachmann didn’t just get narrowly defeated by Romney. She got crushed by EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN IN THE PRIMARY RACE. She won a mere 0.3% of the GOP popular vote in the primary and earned fewer delegates than Jon Huntsman. JON HUNTSMAN! (Bachmann won zero delegates. Huntsman won two.)

The problem wasn’t that “lazy Christians” didn’t support her. It’s that even the Christians who participated in the Iowa caucuses knew she was a human embarrassment and couldn’t bring themselves to support her without laughing while they did it. It’s no wonder Copeland, who falsely claimed COVID was “FINISHED” back in March, thinks she should’ve been president.

He’s known for his awful judgment, and it takes a broken brain to think Bachmann would be a good leader.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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