Nashville Authorities Are “Investigating” Christian COVID Super-Spreader Event October 12, 2020

Nashville Authorities Are “Investigating” Christian COVID Super-Spreader Event

A day after Christian worship leader and MAGA cultist Sean Feucht held a giant COVID super-spreader concert in Nashville, Tennessee, the city’s Metro Public Health Department says it’ll investigate the matter and pursue possible legal penalties against him.

As I wrote this morning, Feucht had bragged about drawing thousands of people to his event, where there was virtually no social distancing and few, if any, masks.

He said the church would “NOT BE SILENCED,” ignoring the fact that literally no one’s silencing churches. This concert was only the latest in a long line of similar events hosted by Feucht around the country. There’s no telling how much damage he’s done by hosting these super-spreader events and how many people have caught the virus by attending them.

But yesterday’s event has been complicated by the fact that he never applied for a permit to bring all these people to the courthouse. Now local authories say they’ll investigate the matter and bring possible charges, if they can, against Feucht and other organizers.

Nashville officials said Monday morning that organizers did not apply for a permit to host the event and that the Metro Public Health Department is working to investigate what happened.

“We have worked very hard to slow the spread of COVID by taking a measured approach to protect the community,” an emailed statement from the health department said. “The Health Department is very concerned by the actions that took place at the event and we are investigating and will pursue appropriate penalties against the organizer.”

Unless criminal charges are brought against him, he’s not going to stop. Even then, he’ll just act like he’s a martyr for a cause that exists only in his head. That’s what ego does to you when you believe, falsely, that you’re on some righteous crusade.

Even other Christians are disturbed by Feucht, in part because Nashville has been a city where churches are allowed to open up for in-person services (with reasonable restrictions).

Father Thomas McKenzie, of Church of the Redeemer in Nashville, said the event left him feeling unsettled.

“When any protest includes people in close proximity, not social distancing in a time of global pandemic, that’s irresponsible,” he told The Tennessean on Monday.

McKenzie said he learned of the gathering via social media after the fact. Further, he said that coming to Nashville – a city that has allowed worship gatherings – made it feel like “a slap in the face.”

I’ll keep saying this: If an atheist put this many Christians in danger, it’d be considered a hate crime. Just because Feucht happens to be a pastor himself doesn’t give him the right to spread the virus.

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