Christian Preacher Sean Feucht Holds COVID Super-Spreader Concert in Nashville October 12, 2020

Christian Preacher Sean Feucht Holds COVID Super-Spreader Concert in Nashville

I know I just posted about this guy yesterday, but he’s still trying to kill people.

Worship leader and MAGA cultist Sean Feucht drew an estimated 9,000-10,000 people (so he says) to a concert in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday. No social distancing. Few, if any, masks.

Feucht said the church would “NOT BE SILENCED” — as if Christians in the U.S. have ever been muzzled — but plenty of commenters pointed out some of those attendees may be “silenced” in due time due to Feucht’s negligence:

Others just criticized the irresponsibility in general:

As I said yesterday, if an atheist put this many Christians in danger, it would be a hate crime.

This is not about God. This is about ego. Feucht would rather put thousands of people in a perilous situation than play the same concert over a livestream and save their lives. He’ll be long gone when some of these people end up in the hospital.

Just because they’re too ignorant to recognize the danger doesn’t mean he should be taking advantage of them. But that’s what Christianity teaches him to do. Act persecuted. Pretend to be a victim. Do more harm. Repeat the cycle.

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