Christian Death Cult Preacher Holds Another Mask-Optional Concert in Atlanta October 11, 2020

Christian Death Cult Preacher Holds Another Mask-Optional Concert in Atlanta

Yesterday, worship leader and MAGA cultist Sean Feucht held another massive, to-hell-with-social-distancing, mask-optional concert for what he claimed was 4,000 people in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was his latest attempt at creating a public health hazard in the name of Jesus.

If an atheist put this many Christians in danger, it would be a hate crime.

The only thing “rising up” is the number of COVID cases after this event.

As I’ve said before, attending this kind of concert is like having unprotected sex: Doing it once could still leave you with consequences for a lifetime. God is not sufficient immunity from the disease, as about 213,000 dead Americans could tell you.

Feucht has the platform and power to perform responsibly, but he refuses to do it. He’d rather people take the risk of harming themselves to see him in person than tell them to just stay home and watch him over a livestream.

Refusing to accepting reality is a prerequisite for attending one of Feucht’s concerts, given that he’s been doing this in other cities as well. He’s affiliated with Bethel Music — a worship ministry affiliated with California’s Bethel Church in Redding — which made headlines last year for praying for the resurrection of a dead toddler. The school affiliated with the church is like a Christian Hogwarts. They believe in a lot of supernatural bullshit.

Feucht is also the guy who, in June, held a concert at the scene of George Floyd‘s murder, turning a place where people were gathering to honor the man’s life into a captive audience for his Christian preaching.

This isn’t really about God. This is about a performer who wants everyone to worship him. And he’ll be long gone before the COVID symptoms start affecting the people attending these concerts.

(Large portions of this article were published earlier)

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