A Right-Wing Lawyer’s Examples of “Anti-Christian Bigotry” Are Laughably Awful October 9, 2020

A Right-Wing Lawyer’s Examples of “Anti-Christian Bigotry” Are Laughably Awful

At a time when minority groups are increasingly worried about whether the Supreme Court will jeopardize their civil rights by this time next year, the Christian legal group Liberty Counsel is claiming that anti-Christian bigotry is so rampant, it’s getting “out of hand.”

After bringing up numerous “examples,” attorney Mat Staver writes:

The enemy wants God’s people silenced in every possible way.

No churches, no outside worship, no home Bible studies and no mention of the Bible at all when offering social services or educational courses to more than a handful of attendees. No displays of the Ten Commandments or the birth of Christ at Christmas. No right for individuals to choose Bible-based Christian counseling and no devout justice on the Supreme Court.

The enemy wants to eradicate Christianity and faith in our nation. America is the only nation in the history of the world, other than Israel, to be founded on the Word of God. The fact is, Judeo-Christian values are the foundation of our free republic.

Who knew Christians across the country were being imprisoned for their faith? Who knew they weren’t allowed to speak? Has anyone told the Christians who continue to serve as ambassadors for Donald Trump?

Churches aren’t being “threatened” for remaining open during a pandemic because of their faith. If synagogues and mosques were putting their congregants at risk with the same regularity, we’d be hearing about that, too. These pastors are simply putting public health in danger.

Planned Parenthood won their suit against the “whistleblower” who claimed they were selling body parts. (They were not.) A jury found that the activist in question “trespassed on private property and committed fraud.

Erecting stand-alone Ten Commandments monuments outside courthouses and city halls violates the Establishment Clause. This is long-standing precedent that respects religious neutrality.

And while we’re at it, Amy Coney Barrett isn’t being criticized for her faith, she’s being questioned about whether her faith will impact her ability to rule in the best interest of all citizens.

As a Christian myself, let me just say… his entire list of atrocities is bullshit. There’s no actual persecution, just Christians violating the law or putting people in danger.

Meanwhile, outside of the United States, there is legitimate persecution happening against Christians. Many of them may read Liberty Counsel’s diatribe and wish they could be so lucky. If Staver thinks Christians are being persecuted, he should tell us which group he’d like to trade places with.

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