Pastor Exposed to COVID Rejects Mask, Tells Church He’s “Ridiculously Healthy” October 7, 2020

Pastor Exposed to COVID Rejects Mask, Tells Church He’s “Ridiculously Healthy”

The White House appears to be the latest hotspot for the coronavirus in the United States, with dozens of staffers testing positive for COVID over the past week, in addition to Donald Trump himself. While it’s not clear who Patient Zero was in that group, the spread has been largely traced back to the ceremony in the Rose Garden to celebrate Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

The only people who seem to be shocked by this are those who put themselves in danger in the first place by refusing to wear face masks. Yet even now, with fellow high-level mask deniers catching the virus, many of Trump’s supporters are still refusing to wear masks or avoid stupid risks.

One attendee from the Barrett event, Pastor Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas, has refused to implement any kind of safety guidelines in his church, despite his exposure.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Graham wasn’t wearing a mask over the weekend when he preached, and he was spotted afterwards chatting with worshipers. He told the congregation, “I am ridiculously healthy,” but did not say if he had been tested. He clearly wasn’t quarantining.

I am ridiculously healthy, let’s just put it that way,” Graham said during the service. “I’m not sick, I’m fine. … I don’t have COVID, let’s just put it that way, and I’m grateful for that.”

Graham, who’s 70 years old, doesn’t appear to understand that asymptomatic people can still have and spread the virus.

The real irony here is that Graham and his church members consider themselves “Pro-life.” That’s nothing more than a label for this crowd given the way they’re ignoring safety precautions in the wake of a very real and dangerous pandemic. (Of course, we knew that already, considering how eager they are to take away healthcare from all the babies they want to see born.)

It’s all just further proof that many right-wing evangelicals can’t put their money where their mouths are. They pretend they’re for “life” but they won’t do the bare minimum to save lives when it comes with a minor inconvenience.

It’s not like they have to face lions in an ancient Roman arena. All they have to do is wear a piece of cloth on their faces — or livestream services and allow people to stay at home. Graham would rather see people sick or dying before he does anything that might protect people from him.


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