Christian Evangelist Harasses Man at Petting Zoo for Wearing Face Mask Outdoors October 6, 2020

Christian Evangelist Harasses Man at Petting Zoo for Wearing Face Mask Outdoors

In a video showing how idiotic the Christian Right has become, internet evangelist and professional troll Joshua Feuerstein posted this clip of himself mocking a man at a petting zoo for wearing a face mask even though they’re outside… then coming in close proximity with the stranger, trying to shove animal feed in his face, just to make a joke about he wanted to “feed the sheep.”

(***Update***: Feuerstein has deleted the video. But we saved a copy.)

It’s not funny. In some ways, this is just standard conservative humor — the kind that involves mocking other people without forcing viewers to think beyond that. But this is even worse, because it reveals how ignorant and dangerous people like Feuerstein are.

First, the stranger is doing what you’re supposed to do. Being outdoors doesn’t negate the need for a face mask; just ask everyone at the White House nomination ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett who have now tested positive for COVID. Being outdoors minimizes the spread of the virus; wearing a mask minimizes the spread of the virus. Doing both is even better. (That’s what Black Lives Matter protesters have been doing all summer.)

Second, the maskless Feuerstein violates both the personal space of that stranger and the recommended social distancing guidelines. And for what? A stupid “joke”?

There’s a stroller next to the stranger, too! Feuerstein, the Christian, doesn’t give a damn if he’s putting a father in danger as long as he can pretend to own the libs.

The video was apparently posted on his wife’s Facebook page (since his is banned) before quickly being taken down, but it’s still up on Feuerstein’s Instagram page. His new church will be launching later this month.

(Thanks to Rachel for the link)

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