Megachurch Pastor Greg Laurie Tests Positive for COVID; Now Who Did He Infect? October 5, 2020

Megachurch Pastor Greg Laurie Tests Positive for COVID; Now Who Did He Infect?

Pastor Greg Laurie, the head of California’s Harvest Christian Fellowship, has tested positive for COVID. New York‘s Olivia Nuzzi first reported that Laurie was “experiencing mild symptoms” and “quarantining at home.”

He has since issued his own statement:

It’s a ridiculous statement, urging people to keep politics out of this, even though a Republican-led government that denies science and lacks competence has exacerbated the spread of the virus.

Laurie has been a Trump supporter for years, even signing a statement denouncing Christianity Today for publishing an opinion piece calling for Trump’s removal from office. He’s also been one of those pastors who trashes atheists at every opportunity. He once said “there’s no such thing” as an atheist relief organization… even though there are many. He has also said people become atheists because “something traumatic happened to them.” (That’s a lie. Greg Laurie is a Christian liar.)

What makes his diagnosis a bigger deal is that Laurie was both at the Rose Garden super-spreader event during which Amy Coney Barrett was formally nominated to the Supreme Court and he was at the recent Prayer March with evangelist Franklin Graham, which brought thousands of people in close proximity with each other. Laurie wasn’t wearing a mask at either event, at least based on some photos.

There’s a bit of irony that Laurie — and not, say, Graham — tested positive given that his church was at least making some sensible accommodations in order to re-open church… though it obviously would’ve been even safer to just livestream services.

But now the questions become: Who infected him and who did he infect? That prayer march had thousands of attendees. The Rose Garden ceremony was basically a petri dish for the virus. There’s a possibility that the virus didn’t just get people at the White House; it may have affected white evangelical leaders, too. Some of those people have been filing lawsuits across the country demanding that their churches be allowed to reopen. They don’t give a damn about the virus or who catches it.

Their ignorance may finally be catching up to them.

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