A Thoughtful Takedown of the Anti-Abortion Propaganda Film “Unplanned” October 4, 2020

A Thoughtful Takedown of the Anti-Abortion Propaganda Film “Unplanned”

When the anti-abortion propaganda film Unplanned was released last year, critics panned it for being the quintessential Christian film: It lacked any nuance and contained only one-dimensional characters. And like any propaganda film, it contained all kinds of lies.

If you haven’t watched that movie, well, good for you.

But you’re going to love this thoughtful rundown from YouTuber Big Joel (and his sweater).

He does a great job pointing out how the film exaggerates or lies about what Planned Parenthood does, while also failing to address the most basic consequences of its own goal.

Take some time and watch this video. Not the movie. Dear god, not the movie.

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