Podcast Ep. 342: Alabama Won’t Let Atheists Vote October 3, 2020

Podcast Ep. 342: Alabama Won’t Let Atheists Vote

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

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— Alabama won’t allow atheists to vote. (6:11)

Amy Coney Barrett has said abortion is “barbaric.” Will it matter? (10:48)

— One conservative opposes Barrett’s confirmation to the Court… but for all the wrong reasons. (18:21)

— Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias is being accused of sexual misconduct months after his death. (19:09)

— This Illinois Republican says his opponent is attacking his “Christian values”… by quoting his platform. (26:00)

— “Humanists for Biden,” a first of its kind group, had its launch! (32:53)

— Behind closed doors, Donald Trump mocks religious people. (35:16)

— Senate Republicans won’t pass a COVID relief bill, but they did pass a resolution defending the Pledge of Allegiance. (39:00)

— Satanists want to put up pro-abortion billboards but they’ll have to win a legal battle first. (40:57)

— Conservative Matt Walsh says Real Men don’t use emojis. (48:40)

— A COVID-denying pastor forces his staff to sign COVID waivers. (51:38)

— A First Amendment case has church/state opponents working together. (54:00)

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