“Christian Hogwarts” May Be Responsible for Spread of COVID Among Young People October 3, 2020

“Christian Hogwarts” May Be Responsible for Spread of COVID Among Young People

Over the past two weeks, in Shasta County, California, there have been nearly 100 COVID cases among people in their 20s. But that seems rather unusual since the two major colleges in the area, Shasta College and Simpson University, have reported only eight cases total.

Where are the rest of the cases coming from?

Well, it turns out Shasta County is also home to Bethel Church, which is home to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, which is also known as “Christian Hogwarts,” and which is the home base for COVID-denying preacher/singer Sean Feucht.

That school won’t reveal how many cases of COVID there are among its students… but it’s not nothing.

… in a followup email early Thursday evening, Bethel acknowledged that “a portion of the new cases in Shasta County have been amongst our students and staff, so we are taking swift action under the guidance of Public Health to minimize additional spread.”

The email did not specify how many students and staff have been infected.

For now, they’re canceling in-person church services this weekend and next and moving to online education. That’s all well and good. But what the hell took so long? And isn’t this an admission that prayer alone is never enough?

This is a school that breeds irresponsibility. Where members perpetuating the lie that a dead toddler was coming back to life. Where students had to be told to stop harassing hospital patients on whom they were performing Christian magic spells.

And now they won’t tell the public how widespread the virus happens to be among students at their school, leaving people without information they need to protect themselves. It’s wildly irresponsible.

(Thanks to Barry for the link)

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