Bill Donohue Lashes Out After Atheist “Christian Bashers” Endorse Joe Biden October 2, 2020

Bill Donohue Lashes Out After Atheist “Christian Bashers” Endorse Joe Biden

Earlier this week, I mentioned the launch of Humanists for Biden, a coalition of non-religious Americans who support Joe Biden in the election because his values overwhelmingly overlap with our own.

I could also put that another way: A bunch of atheists (myself included) are proudly supporting a devoutly Catholic nominee over the not-really-religious-but-constantly-surrounded-by-evangelicals incumbent who happens to be a moral monster.

Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue has his own way of putting it: “A group of Christian-bashing atheists” are jumping into the political arena.

His evidence for the “Christian-bashing”? Well, the members of Humanists for Biden, which is an initiative of the Secular Democrats of America, are against school vouchers (since taxpayer money would fund religious schools), against Catholic hospitals (which put dogma over patients’ needs when it comes to reproductive health), pro-choice, and supportive of other liberal causes.

That’s it. They’re progressive. Therefore, in his small mind, they must hate Christians. (That’s not true.)

You can tell he has no real argument either. He’s just word-vomiting everything he can.

What seals their animus against Christians is their charge that “Christian Nationalists” are a threat to democracy. This has become the new dog whistle of Christian bashers. They are always vague in defining who a “Christian Nationalist” is, but they are anything but ambiguous in attributing to evangelical Protestants and traditional Catholics all kinds of nefarious conspiratorial motives and practices.

If a conservative were to link secular Democrats with Antifa, he would be denounced. But somehow it is acceptable to link evangelicals and traditional Catholics with white supremacists. This is exactly what Secular Democrats of America does, warning its followers about the “intersection of Christian nationalism and white supremacy.”

We link Christian Nationalists with white supremacists because they link arms with each other. The people who believe our nation is better off limiting immigration and closing our borders and fighting social justice groups, and the people who believe our nation should cater to a conservative Christian agenda, form a Venn diagram that’s almost entirely a circle.

Donohue has more complaints about the mere existence of Humanists for Biden than he does about Trump refusing to condemn white supremacy and dog-whistling to a white nationalist group during the debate.

It doesn’t mean Donohue is a racist. But it definitely means Donohue doesn’t have a problem with Trump’s racism.

No wonder he’s flinging shit all over the place hoping something sticks to the wall.

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