MO House Candidate, an Ordained Pastor, Accused of Sexual/Physical Abuse by Kids September 30, 2020

MO House Candidate, an Ordained Pastor, Accused of Sexual/Physical Abuse by Kids

Rick Roeber (below) is a GOP candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives who’s pro-gun, anti-abortion, and “unapolegetically conservative” [sic]. He’s also an ordained pastor and part-time chaplain. He’s running for the seat in part because his wife held it for four years before she died in 2019.

And according to his children, he’s also a man who sexually and physically abused them when they were younger.

… Anastasia Roeber of Lee’s Summit, Roeber’s adopted daughter, says he made improper sexual advances toward her in 1990, when she was 9 years old.

“He made me place my hand on his genitals,” Anastasia said of the 1990 incident in Roeber’s home. “I just froze.” Some time later, Roeber asked his daughter “if he could touch me,” she said.

A sibling, Samson Roeber of New York City, said he suffered physical abuse from Roeber as a child. He was not sexually molested, but “my father’s always been physically abusive,” he said. “He had a temper.”

A third sibling, Gabrielle Galeano, says she was aware of the alleged abuse while living with Anastasia, Samson and another sibling. That fourth sibling later claimed sexual maltreatment from Roeber, an allegation investigated by the state of Missouri.

Roeber has denied everything and posted this not-quite-a-rebuttal on Facebook:

Decades ago, I suffered through a bitter divorce. In 2003, the Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board (CANRB) concluded that all accusations were without merit and I was completely exonerated. Now, these same allegations are being brought up, just one month prior to my election. The desperation of Democrats and the Main Stream Media to discredit my campaign is deplorable and indefensible.

Just because the allegations were dismissed doesn’t mean there’s no truth to them at all — it’s possible the sexual abuse couldn’t be proven and the physical abuse didn’t rise to any kind of criminal level. However, to say that this is a play by Democrats and the “Main Stream Media” — when it’s actually the people closest to him trying to warn voters before it’s too late — shows you how quickly he’s trying to make himself look like the real victim in this whole matter.

It’s worth pointing out this detail from the Kansas City Star regarding Roeber’s self-described complete exoneration:

In his email, Roeber said the board cleared him of “ALL accusations,” and he provided a redacted letter from the review board stating its findings. An unredacted version of the letter, though, shows the review only involved the fourth sibling’s allegations.

The newspaper also notes that these allegations are not new. They were “first made decades ago.” To pretend it’s a political hit-job is ludicrous.

Roeber’s political views are despicable enough. For him to also be a monster in private, even if the allegations aren’t substantiated in court, wouldn’t exactly be a shocker. A guy whose kids want nothing to do with him shouldn’t be able to gain the trust of voters, either.

Incidentally, here’s what his opponent, Chris Hager, said about all this: “I believe the survivors and respect their bravery in coming forward… There is no place for a child molester at any level of government.”

You can donate to Hager’s campaign right here.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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