Jesse Lee Peterson: Women Belong at Home Raising Kids, Not on the Supreme Court September 30, 2020

Jesse Lee Peterson: Women Belong at Home Raising Kids, Not on the Supreme Court

We finally found a conservative who doesn’t want Amy Coney Barrett installed on the Supreme Court. It just happens to be one who thinks women belong in the kitchen and not in the workplace.

Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson has said in the past that educated women with degrees “don’t make for good wives and mothers.” He’s standing by that claim when it comes to the latest Supreme Court pick.

This woman supposedly have seven children, two of them adopted from another country, and they Black. But yeah, she does not stay home and raise the children.

Which tell me that this woman think that she’s above men, and that she is a man, and that she can go to work and raise children and be like a man. That’s not true. That’s literally not true. This woman is on an ego trip… and she’s no different than a liberal feminist. Just with a different name.

But you’re gonna live to regret this because if she’s not decent enough to stay home and raise the man’s children, she’s not gonna think straight on the Court, believe me.

Some people think before they talk. Peterson never thinks. He just spews out hate from the last century, to an audience of who-the-hell-knows. He’s so far right, that it’s almost comical.

But it’s safe to say that, in this case, the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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