Christian Writer: Donald Trump’s Awful Temperament is an Asset to America September 30, 2020

Christian Writer: Donald Trump’s Awful Temperament is an Asset to America

Most Americans see Donald Trump‘s temperament as a national embarrassment. It was one of the main arguments against his presidency in 2016. But in an article for Charisma, Eddie Hyatt argues that the president’s temper tantrums are somehow a “blessing” for America:

Like many others, I was concerned about Trump’s temperament [in 2016]. He seemed overly brash, bombastic and rude. I didn’t like how he labeled people, even his fellow Republicans, with derogatory names such as “Little Marco,” Lying Ted,” “Low-Energy Jeb” and so on.

With the advantage of hindsight, however, I now see that the temperament of a combative, New York businessman was just what was needed. With political perversion and corruption so deeply embedded in Washington, D.C., a businessman from Queens who had spent years battling corrupt New York politicians, the Mafia and other competitive businesspeople was exactly what was needed at this time in history. A “nice” person would never do.

He didn’t “battle” any of those people. He was busy doing the corruption.

This article was published just as the world found out that Trump likely owes hundreds of millions of dollars to unknown creditors. He only paid $750 in income tax the year he came into the White House, the result of possible tax fraud, while far poorer Americans pay far more.

To say Trump’s temperament is an asset to the country is to witness a conservative Christian defend even the low-hanging fruit of the Trump era. Even Trump’s defenders usually admit his temperament isn’t ideal, but the judges are worth it.

But because this is Charisma, Hyatt has to bring the Bible into it:

In Scripture, the people whom God used were not always “nice.” John the Baptist was rough and uncouth in both his appearance and his mannerisms. He used harsh language, even calling the proud religious leaders of his day a “brood of vipers” and warning them to flee from the coming wrath of God… Yet he was the one chosen by God to announce the coming of the Messiah to the earth.

Here’s the thing about those examples: The harsh, not-nice language was used to call out corruption. Trump and the GOP would be on the receiving end of those “brood of vipers” barbs. Their public displays of piety masking their inward depravity should be called out, not celebrated. When they are, Christians even have a phrase for it: “speaking the truth in love.”

Harsh language used for any other purpose traditionally doesn’t get a pass… at least until now. It’s not hard to imagine that a Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton acting the way Trump does would never be praised by these people.

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