MAGA Cultist Josh Bernstein: If Biden Wins, “There Will Be Blood Spilled” September 29, 2020

MAGA Cultist Josh Bernstein: If Biden Wins, “There Will Be Blood Spilled”

If you need a reminder that the “pro-life” side actively encourages death, right-wing broadcaster Josh Bernstein claimed on Friday that a Joe Biden victory will lead to some kind of violent revolution.

“I am personally trying to scare the living shit out of you on purpose,” Bernstein said. “Why? Because I want you to understand what is at stake here. I can’t be any clearer than my message is now. And yes, you should be frightened. But more importantly, you should be motivated — which I know you all are — but more importantly, it is your responsibility to get other people that you know to not only see this video so they understand what’s at stake, but anyone out there that doesn’t want to vote for Trump, they’re signing their own death warrant, as far as I’m concerned. And not just their own, but for their country.”

“Everything, folks, is on the line. Everything,” he added. “If, God forbid, they figure out how to steal this election, the only thing that’s going to save this country is revolution. And trust me, it will happen. There’s no question about it. And when it happens, we will have a new America. Yes, there will be blood spilled, unfortunately, but they’re bringing it upon us.

That’s a weird way to say, even before the election is over, that MAGA cultists are sore losers who would react by murdering their perceived enemies. Bernstein is also blaming that violence on what would be a majority of voters across the country. In his mind, if more people support Biden, and enough do so that he wins the Electoral College, then it must be the result of a stolen election.

Either Trump wins or everyone dies. That’s the MAGA philosophy at this point, and the entire cultish Republican Party is right there with them.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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