GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn Repeats Lie That Democrats Only Want Atheist Judges September 28, 2020

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn Repeats Lie That Democrats Only Want Atheist Judges

Tennessee GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn embarrassed herself on Friday when she made the absurd claim that Democrats only wanted atheists on the Supreme Court.

She was trying to claim Democrats were anti-Catholic, even though literally no elected officials have criticized the religion of Amy Coney Barrett and are only interested in how her faith might influence her decision-making if she gets confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Blackburn didn’t just get ratioed on that tweet. She got humiliated as people rightly pointed out how there are no atheists on the Supreme Court and only one openly atheist Democrat in Congress. And obviously, the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is Catholic.

I’ve said this before: There is no anti-Catholic bias among Democrats.

Blackburn’s bigotry also deserved to be called out on its own terms. What the hell would be wrong with having atheists on the Supreme Court?! Nothing, that’s what. In her shameless attempt to defend Catholicism from nobody, Blackburn threw the 14% of non-religious people in her own state under the bus.

I thought she would’ve learned from her mistake after that. I wasn’t expecting an apology — she’s a Republican, after all — but I figured she would avoid using that exact sound bite again.

Nope. Last night, during an appearance on FOX News, she said it again:

… We know the Left is not going to be happy with someone of faith. They think that you need to be an atheist or a secularist to serve on the federal bench

Good lord, Blackburn is an idiot. There’s apparently no one on her Senate staff smart enough to correct her mistake, either. Just a whole bunch of ignorant bigots in that office.

Let’s go through this again:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, nominated by Bill Clinton, was Jewish.
Justice Stephen Breyer, nominated by Bill Clinton, is Jewish.
Justice Sonia Sotomayor, nominated by Barack Obama, is Roman Catholic.
Justice Elena Kagan, nominated by Barack Obama, is Jewish.
Merrick Garland, nominated by Barack Obama, is Jewish.

No atheists. All people of faith.

If Blackburn keeps insisting Democrats have a rule that “you need to be an atheist or a secularist to serve on the federal bench,” then she should name them all. But she can’t. She can’t even name one. She’s a fully-fledged MAGA cultist who only spews out lies.

Unless, of course, she thinks Jews and Catholics aren’t really religious — like her buddy, Pastor Robert Jeffress — in which case that should be the headline.

Blackburn is a conservative Christian liar incapable of learning from her own mistakes. Our country is worse off because she’s in a position of power.

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