Florida Man Accused of Burglary Throws Bible at Cop’s Face During Questioning September 28, 2020

Florida Man Accused of Burglary Throws Bible at Cop’s Face During Questioning

A month after a man in Maine threw a Bible at a driver while trying to steal his car, a Florida man has one-upped him.

According to police documents obtained by The Smoking Gun, Robert Otis Hoskins, a burglary suspect, threw the Bible at a cop’s face while being questioned. He was then tased and handcuffed.

A body cam from another cop captured Hoskins in the act:

Police responding to a 911 call about a burglary encountered Hoskins–who was only wearing a pair of gray briefs–outside his residence, next door to the burglarized property. As a deputy sought to question Hoskins, he began shouting at the cop as he approached with a book in his right hand.

Hoskins then wound up and threw the Good Book at the officer, who was struck in the face and jaw by the volume. As seen above, the Bible tossing was captured by a body cam worn by a cop who was not in the line of fire.

As he uncorked the throw, Hoskins “stated something like ‘I condemn you,’” a cop reported. Hoskins was subsequently tased and taken into custody following a brief struggle.

Hoskins’ wife later admitted he had a drug problem, and the suspect claimed God told him to break into a neighbor’s home and “free” the victim’s daughter. His first court appearance will be next month.

(Thanks to Marcus for the link)

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