Lying GOP Senator Says Democrats Only Want Atheists on the Supreme Court September 25, 2020

Lying GOP Senator Says Democrats Only Want Atheists on the Supreme Court

This morning, in a tweet that made absolutely no sense, Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn advanced the debunked notion that Democrats are inherently anti-Catholic by claiming, falsely, that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer only wants atheists on the Supreme Court.

Well, let’s see…

Justice Stephen Breyer is Jewish.
Justice Elena Kagan is Jewish.
Justice Sonia Sotomayor is Roman Catholic.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg was Jewish.
Merrick Garland is Jewish.

Schumer either voted for, or would have voted for, all of those people. There hasn’t been a single openly atheist judge nominated to the Supreme Court in modern times.

Which means Marsha Blackburn is a (Christian) liar.

This is the same senator who, last year, said Jesus warned us to “watch out for the lawyers”… even though that’s actually something Shakespeare said. Blackburn loves quoting Jesus… but reading the Bible? Not so much.

And by the way, there would be nothing wrong with having an atheist on the Supreme Court. It’s about damn time. We would be better off having people on the bench whose reasoning couldn’t possibly be influenced by their faith because they’re not part of any organized religion. (Though there’s nothing wrong with religious people on the bench who can separate the two.)

Blackburn knows that Judge Amy Coney Barrett may be nominated to replace RBG tomorrow, and Barrett has a long history with a conservative religious sect. Blackburn is trying to get people to think any questioning of Barrett’s religious ties would be de facto persecution. It’s not. There are many legitimate questions to ask potential judges about how they arrive at their decisions and what role their faith may play in that.

If Blackburn was better at her job, she would know that.

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