Anti-Mask Pastor Tony Spell Misses Court Hearing After Refusing to Wear Mask September 24, 2020

Anti-Mask Pastor Tony Spell Misses Court Hearing After Refusing to Wear Mask

You remember Pastor Tony Spell. The head of Louisiana’s Life Tabernacle Church was first arrested in April — remember April?! — for aggravated assault against a protester. But he became notorious for holding in-person church gatherings and putting countless people in harm’s way. Despite being under house arrest, he defied the law to preach at his nearby church multiple times a week, even asking supporters to send him portions of their stimulus checks.

On Tuesday, Spell was scheduled to appear in court for violating his stay-at-home order… but he couldn’t go in the building because — wait for it — he’s still refusing to wear a mask.

… when Spell arrived at the 19th Judicial District Courthouse on Tuesday to answer for misdemeanor charges for repeatedly violating an emergency order from Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D), Spell still refused to wear a mask, which is required for entry. Instead, his lawyer entered a not guilty plea on Spell’s behalf as the pastor waited outside the courthouse surrounded by unmasked supporters.

The pastor said that he broke the Democratic governor’s emergency orders 33 times, according to a video message to his supporters on Sept. 3, the day after he was served with the six notices of arraignment. On Palm Sunday, the church hosted more than 1,200 parishioners, Spell told CNN.

200,000 people have died from COVID, many of them because of Christians like Spell who refuse to take even the most basic of precautions because they’re too arrogant to think about anybody else.

It’s not just him, either. He’s used his platform to spread lies about COVID. He’s said science doesn’t support wearing masks (not true). He’s told his congregation to avoid any potential vaccine. He’s said wearing masks is the precursor to the Antichrist.

The reason the United States is a global embarrassment right now is because too many Americans refuse to accept the science while GOP politicians refuse to take actions that could upset their insane voters. Nothing’s going to get better unless these people are punished — or at least publicly shamed. Spell wants to be a martyr for the faith. He thinks everyone is persecuting him. More Christians need to speak out against dangerous actions.

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