Preacher: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was “Wicked and Destructive” and Worse Than Hitler September 21, 2020

Preacher: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was “Wicked and Destructive” and Worse Than Hitler

You knew conservative Christians were just waiting for a few hours to pass until they could start trashing Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Enter right-wing Christian Nationalist Dave Daubenmire, who said on his “Pass the Salt Live” program today that Ginsburg was worse than Hitler if you go by body count alone.

“Hitler condoned the killing of at least 6 million,” Daubenmire said. “Ginsburg — 60 million. Do you mourn Hitler’s death? Who’s more wicked?”

“If it wasn’t a tragedy that Hitler died, why is it a tragedy that she died?” he continued. “Can somebody explain that to me, please?”

I will never understand the fetal worship derangement syndrome of these people…

It was a tragedy that she died because she spent her career protecting women’s rights, including their bodily autonomy, among everything else she did. Hitler’s side murdered people. This isn’t complicated. Daubenmire, though, sensing that argument, said anything good she did doesn’t negate her pro-choice beliefs.

“Do you see where I’m going with this, folks?” he concluded. “Wake the heck up. She was destructive. She was wicked and destructive.

It’s bad enough that these conservatives use the same argument against everyone — Oh, they were pro-choice? Then they’re responsible for genocide! — it’s that their followers are dumb enough to buy that line of thinking and use it to justify any GOP atrocity.

If you pretend to be “pro-life,” white evangelicals will let you get away with anything. Forced hysterectomies. Separating children from parents. Sexual assault allegations. Revoking health care access from millions of Americans. Anything.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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