Pastor: This Blurry Picture from 1980 Shows Jesus Standing By a Hospital Bed September 19, 2020

Pastor: This Blurry Picture from 1980 Shows Jesus Standing By a Hospital Bed

Right-wing pastor Perry Stone — who’s best known for checking his phone while speaking in tongues, claiming to speak four languages at once (also in tongues), and for delivering a sermon to a bunch of puppets — has been on a sabbatical from his church lately after acting “inappropriately” with women in his ministry.

He said last month that there had been a rise in “paranormal activity” due to the increased number of pixels in our phone cameras. That meant “things can appear that normally would not appear.”

But in a video posted yesterday, Stone used a very blurry picture from about four decades ago to show that angels are real. He held up the old picture of a sick child in a hospital bed and said Jesus had appeared behind the IV bag.

The relevant portion occurs around the 2:00 mark:

I believe it was the face of an angel of the Lord. And to be quite honest with you, if you look at the paintings and the images and the ideas of what Christ looked like, it almost looks like Christ Himself. Are you ready? Look at the face that appeared behind the IV bag.

It looks like… a blur. Seeing a face where there isn’t one is so common, there’s a psychological term for it.

Stone also had a message for the skeptics! Just shut up and appreciate this.

I know there’s always skeptics and people… and I just wish people could just enjoy something like this and say, “Isn’t that interesting?” and “Isn’t that wonderful?” and “Thank God for that!” and I hope that your comments will be that way…

It’s not interesting. It’s not wonderful. It’s delusional. It certainly didn’t help the child. It actually looks like the Burger King mascot to me.

But if you’re the type of person who will fall for anything, Christians like Stone will always have a product to sell you.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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