Mark Taylor: “Patriots” Will Revolt if Trump Doesn’t Arrest Some Democrats Soon September 18, 2020

Mark Taylor: “Patriots” Will Revolt if Trump Doesn’t Arrest Some Democrats Soon

Christian Right activist Mark Taylor, the subject of the Liberty University-connected film The Trump Prophecy and guy who recently claimed California lawmakers were trying to legalize pedophilia (they’re not), now predicts that right-wing “patriots” will soon take matters into their own hands if Donald Trump doesn’t start arresting Democrats.

And if you had to read that sentence a few times to make sense of it, welcome to the world of conservative conspiracy theories.

“He can’t go in and start arresting a lot of these people right now because it would look like he was a dictator trying to arrest his opposition during the election,” Taylor lamented, before adding that “they better do something.”

“I’ve got a couple veteran friends of mine,” Taylor continued. “One of them, he said, ‘We’ve got 14 million veterans that can walk into combat today.’ Today. Think about that. In this country. I have warned that if they wait too late, if we’re not careful, if they don’t show something, that justice is coming — at least show the patriots that justice is coming — it will buy some time until the election.”

Trump can’t arrest people because he “doesn’t want to look like a dictator”? That’s a good one. That’s practically Trump’s fantasy. Considering that Taylor once predicted Trump would arrest child-eating demons, you don’t have to hold your breath waiting for Trump to make these arrests. It’s not going to happen.

The real irony, though, is that Taylor believes it’s patriotic when right-wing fanatics threaten violence over an imaginary conspiracy while also denouncing the Black Lives Matter movement for protesting against actual crimes. He can’t tell the difference between real enemies and the ones existing only in his head.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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