Insane Anti-Mask Protester’s Defense: “Most Child Molesters Love ‘Em!” September 15, 2020

Insane Anti-Mask Protester’s Defense: “Most Child Molesters Love ‘Em!”

A few weeks ago, in St. George, Utah, a group of selfish, ignorant people held a rally to denounce a local mask mandate. The “Liberty Action Coalition” provided all kinds of sound bites in a 90-second local news segment, leaving everyone watching weeping for the state of the nation.

That segment has now received more than 15 million views online:

To summarize the complaints:

  • A child says “the flu kills more than coronavirus.” (That’s not true.)
  • A woman compares her situation to George Floyd: He said “I can’t breathe” and died. A mask makes it hard to breathe, “but we’re being forced to wear it anyway!” (If you can’t breathe in a mask, you’re wearing it wrong.)
  • A woman opposes masks because “most child molesters love ’em!” (What?!)

It’s not clear why that last one would be true. Because masks obscure facial features, therefore it would be harder for law enforcement to recognize abducted children…? I don’t know and she didn’t explain. To that woman, Betty Jake, masks will lead to more molestation. It’s a fact.

None of the people at the rally who spoke to the reporter touted their medical degrees. None of them explained any of the supposed flaws in what epidemiologists have been saying. They were just spreading conspiracies designed to hurt people. Instead of promoting sensible precautions against the virus, they were creating a different kind of pandemic.

There’s no word on how many people who attended that rally have caught the virus so far. If that happens, you can bet this clip will get another life.

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