Christian: My Daughter Was Sent Home from School Because of Her Anti-Gay Shirt September 11, 2020

Christian: My Daughter Was Sent Home from School Because of Her Anti-Gay Shirt

Earlier this summer, Pastor Rich Penkoski of the “Warriors for Christ DC Chapter” filed a federal lawsuit over “Black Lives Matter Plaza” — with the yellow words painted on the road leading up to the White House — saying that DC Mayor Muriel Bowser had broken the law by establishing the “Black Lives Matter cult, which is a denominational sect of the religion of Secular Humanism.”

It was a joke of a lawsuit because he’s a joke of an activist.

This was the same guy who once threw a temper tantrum after his son was accidentally handed a flyer in school advertising a clinic that offered free birth control.

So you knew his latest rant would be equally idiotic. (It is.)

This time, Penkoski claims his daughter’s rights were violated when she was sent home from Livingston Academy, a public high school in Tennessee, for wearing a shirt that says “Homosexuality is a sin.”

In an e-mail to The Christian Post, Penkoski claimed that Livingston Academy principal Richard Melton reasoned that his daughter’s shirt was prohibited because its message featured “sexual connotation.”

Responding to that explanation, Penkoski noted that one of his daughter’s teachers has an LGBT pride sticker displayed in his classroom featuring the rainbow colors associated with the LGBT movement, which pushed to make same-sex marriage legal in across the U.S.

The teacher’s sticker features words: “Diverse, Inclusive, Accepting, Welcoming Safe Space For Everyone.”

The principal may have the edge here: It’s not the religion that’s an issue; it’s the intentional hate-speech. (Wearing a shirt that said John 3:16 would not be a problem for students.) And obviously, a teacher supporting LGBTQ students isn’t promoting sex. It’s supporting students as they are.

Leave it to a Christian bigot to associate LGBTQ people with nothing but sex. It’s all he ever thinks about.

That said, this sort of thing isn’t always clear cut. In 2005, an Ohio student wearing a shirt with the same anti-gay message, along with anti-Muslim and anti-abortion ones, was given the okay by a judge, who just called it offensive (but protected) political speech. But if Livingston Academy has a neutral policy against clothing with any kind of sexual or hateful references, then they may be legally in the clear here.

Penkoski hasn’t said if he’ll file a lawsuit. Historically, he seems to prefer the publicity (which is guaranteed) over the legal outcome (which isn’t).

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