Duluth (MN) Bishop-Elect Resigns After Sexual Abuse Allegations Surface September 8, 2020

Duluth (MN) Bishop-Elect Resigns After Sexual Abuse Allegations Surface

Earlier this summer, Pope Francis announced that Father Michel Mulloy would become the next bishop of Duluth, Minnesota. The official swearing-in ceremony was schedule for October 1.

It won’t be happening now. Mulloy just resigned.

Guess why? Take a wild guess. You get one guess.

Hint: This is the Catholic Church.

The diocese of Rapid City, South Dakota, where Mulloy had served as a priest, released a statement saying it had last month “received notification of an allegation against Father Mulloy of sexual abuse of a minor in the early 1980’s”.

Mulloy submitted his resignation after he received a summary of the allegation, the diocese added.

Damn… what on earth did those allegations say that this guy’s calling it quits before he gets a higher profile job? It’s not clear. All we know is that police are aware of the allegations and that…

… A diocesan board made up of mostly lay members reviewed the investigation’s findings and concluded that the accusation “met the standard” for further investigation, the diocese said.

Whether that means a further investigation will take place remains to be seen.

(via Joe. My. God.. Screenshot via YouTube)

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