“Our Joy Is Being Free”: This Video Features 166 Former Jehovah’s Witnesses September 7, 2020

“Our Joy Is Being Free”: This Video Features 166 Former Jehovah’s Witnesses

When the Jehovah’s Witnesses held their Annual Meeting this year, they released an original song called “Our Joy Eternally.” It’s a typical worship song that no one outside the fold would ever really hear.

Now there’s a better version of it: 166 ex-JWs came together to make a video featuring an alternative track. Same music, better lyrics, all about how “Our Joy Is Being Free.” You don’t need to be familiar with the original to enjoy the power of this many former JWs celebrating their escape from the religious organization.

There is joy in thinking clearly and in breaking free completely,
From a mind-controlling cult.
To be rid of your deception, to be lived without condition
There’s no better way to be.
Our joy is being free.

With lyrics by Lloyd Evans and sung by Lydia Harrell, the video will make you smile even if you don’t personally have a connection to the JWs. Just be glad these people found a way out.

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