Larry Flynt is Getting the Last Laugh After the Fall of Jerry Falwell, Jr. September 2, 2020

Larry Flynt is Getting the Last Laugh After the Fall of Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Here’s a bit of good news from 2020: After watching Jerry Falwell, Jr. fall from grace after his cuckold fetish became public knowledge, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is having the last laugh.

In a piece for the Daily Beast, Flynt, who won a major First Amendment legal battle against Falwell, Sr., says that the apple is nothing like the tree.

Falwell Sr. and I actually became friends later. We enjoyed many cordial visits, participated in debates across the country, and even exchanged Christmas cards. I have to concede that his friendship with me proves that, for the most part, he was practicing an essential tenet of his faith, forgiveness, and was a sincere Christian.

Which is more than can be said for many of his fellow televangelists — the sorry parade of charlatans like Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Paula White, and all the other prime-time Elmer Gantrys — including the son, Jerry Falwell Jr.

Flynt correctly notes that those hucksters care far more about political power and greed than anything having to do with Jesus. They cause suffering instead of alleviating it. They promote bigotry, not acceptance.

And boy are they hypocrites. Falwell is only the latest in a line of Christians who preach sexual purity and monogamy while engaging in sex acts that are better suited for the pages of Hustler. As I’ve said many times, Falwell’s private sex life is no one’s business. But when students at Liberty are punished for doing anything even remotely sexual before marriage while you get off on watching a pool boy fuck your wife as you sit in the corner of a room — for several years — then you deserve to be called out for it.

Flynt also notes the hypocrisy of Falwell defending Christian “values” while supporting Donald Trump, a man whose entire life has been dedicated to doing everything Jesus warned people against.

He closes with a message that ought to be coming from the pulpits if white evangelical pastors weren’t such damn cowards about it:

As for the rest of the country, I repeat the sentiment that has guided me for decades: If there were ever to be a Second Coming of Jesus Christ, I have no doubt that his first order of business would be picking up a whip and banishing forever all the hucksters and false prophets who have perverted his message.

Somehow, Flynt is doing a better job selling the message of Jesus than Falwell ever did.

Maybe he should take over Liberty U.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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