Christian “Prophet”: COVID is a “Demonic Attack” on Baby Boomers to Hurt Trump August 31, 2020

Christian “Prophet”: COVID is a “Demonic Attack” on Baby Boomers to Hurt Trump

Of all the people, places, and things to blame for the coronavirus outbreak, Satan shouldn’t be anywhere on the list. But Pastor Jeremiah Johnson, a self-described “prophet” who said recently that Dr. Anthony Fauci was a “big rat” sent by Satan to thwart Donald Trump, is right back at it, blaming the devil for the pandemic.

He said on the “Encounter Today” program earlier this week that COVID-19 was a “demonic attack” meant to sabotage Trump’s re-election by targeting old people who might otherwise vote for him.

“I actually believe that COVID-19 has come to the shores of America and specifically targeted [this] demographic [of Baby Boomers],” Johnson said. “The elderly, they’re being wiped out in nursing homes. If you’re elderly, oftentimes you’re on a ventilator, all that stuff. I believe it’s a demonic attack trying to target a group of people that very well could be anointed by God himself to help Trump get reelected.”

He’s giving Baby Boomers far too much credit…

The irony is that the people most eager to defeat Trump are the same people trying to protect the lives of those Boomers struggling to cope with the virus. We’re the ones pushing for social distancing and wearing face masks. We’re the ones calling for a national lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. COVID isn’t some Democratic weapon meant to kill off Trump’s base; even if it was, we’re desperately trying to tell people who to avoid it. Trump supporters can’t disregard those safety measures while also blaming Satan for hurting them.

Pick a side. Stick with it.

If anyone is trying to sabotage Trump’s chances of winning the election, it’s his own base refusing to act in their own best interests.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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