Right-Wing Commentator: Voting for Joe Biden is as Awful as Murder and Adultery August 30, 2020

Right-Wing Commentator: Voting for Joe Biden is as Awful as Murder and Adultery

The stakes are high this election. How high? According to right-wing commentator John Zmirak, they’re so high that voting for Joe Biden is as awful as murdering someone.

Naturally, he made that insane statement on the radio show of violent Christian sucker puncher Eric Metaxas:

“While in past years there might have been some shades of grey between the Republicans and the Democrats, this year the Democrats’ program and Biden as a candidate are so clearly and explicitly evil that it is actually grave occasion, a serious sin, to vote for them,” Zmirak said. “I put it up there as intrinsically evil, like adultery, murder, blasphemy.”

Zmirak added that those who vote for Biden and the Democrats while being unaware of their fundamental evil will nevertheless be held accountable on Judgment Day.

“That speaks to their culpability on Judgment Day,” he said. “If you shoot something in the forest and you think it’s a deer and it turns out to be a high school teacher, if you didn’t intend it and weren’t negligent, maybe you’re not culpable but the teacher is still dead. America will still die if we elect this Disney animatronic dead president whose battery is dying [and] who will be replaced by the most ruthless, power hungry opportunist, radical leftist Kamala Harris.”

If any of that were true, you would think actual leftists would be celebrating the ticket. I promise you they’re not. Many progressive voters — the kind who were hoping for an Elizabeth Warren presidency as a form of settling — are only reluctantly embracing the ticket. Given the alternative, and our two-party system, there’s no other real choice.

Zmirak also ignores how Donald Trump is on record for committing adultery and blasphemy. I suppose “murder” is debatable, though his reckless disregard for the CDC and other pandemic experts comes awfully close.

Zmirak claims Biden voters will have to answer for it on “Judgment Day.” But if Trump wins again, we’ll all be answering for it much sooner than that. We’ve already been paying the price for years.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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