Indiana BBQ Restaurant Shut Down After Christian Owner Defies Mask Mandate August 29, 2020

Indiana BBQ Restaurant Shut Down After Christian Owner Defies Mask Mandate

Yergy’s State Road BBQ, a restaurant in Indiana, isn’t just open for indoor dining right now; owner Matt Yergler isn’t requiring staffers or customers to wear face masks despite the state’s mandate. The whole place is just a COVID trap waiting to burst.

What’s Yergler’s reason for not requiring the masks? God gave him that restaurant… therefore the state’s rules don’t apply to him.

He said as much on Thursday during a meeting of the Wells County Board of Health.

“God has given us a restaurant 3 and a half years ago,” Yergler explained at the meeting. “It is his. And that’s the way we view it.”

He is seen in the video adding that science does not back up the claim that masks work before analyzing the list of complaints the business has received. He also said customers and employees had the option of wearing masks in the restaurant.

“You people have no power over us,” Yergler told the board before walking out of the meeting. “Christ is king. So, you can’t take my business from me when we are willingly laying it down. That must make tyrants angry but it should soften the hearts that you oppress.”

A bunch of maskless buffoons applauded his Christian rant as he walked out.

Here’s the good news: The Health Department wasn’t moved by his faith-based ignorance. Last night, they shut the damn place down.

Thoughts and prayers all around…

If Yergler can’t keep people safe by doing the bare minimum, he shouldn’t be running a restaurant. It’s that simple. No one would question the shutdown of a restaurant that served moldy spoiled food; by the same logic, they shouldn’t complain about the shutdown of a restaurant where customers could get deathly sick.

(Thanks to Casey for the link)

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